Friday, December 19, 2008

On to much happier posts :-)

Where have the past two years gone? It was two years ago today that this took place:

We became a family! Our adoption took only a little over 9 months from start to finish, but it felt like 9 years. We completed the initial application with our agency on March 1, 2006, and finally had our dossier accepted on August 9, 2006. That was the 2nd longest time of my life. We received John's referral on August 11, 2006, flew to Guatemala for pick up on December 18, 2006 We held our beloved son forever on Bill's birthday, December 19 - exactly 2 years ago. That was truly the longest 4 months of my life.

I'm not sure where the heck (like that word mom, LOL?) the last 2 years went. Poof! They're gone, like nothing. When John came home, and I was adapting to constant diaper changing and the persistent lack of sleep, I couldn't wait 'til we could start potty training. Now that John's running around, talking, expressing an interest in the potty, I'm like, where'd my baby go? He's not a baby any more.

Here's me & John just moments after pick up in the lobby at the Clarion. Being in Guatemala at Christmas time was really special. I'm glad we had the experience. (Although being the incredibly vain creature that I am, I'm horrified at my really bad hair, huge hips and triple chin.)

We went to see Santa a couple of weeks ago. Being my scatterbrained self, and having married the male version of my scatterbrained self, we forgot both the real camera and video camera, so all I have is the crappy Polaroid of a very unhappy John; me having another horrific hair day, but proof all the same that 2 of my 3 chins are gone. (Did I mention I'm incredibly, incredibly vain, which is why there is, like, NO pictures of me on this blog or elsewhere? And can you also tell, I'm getting ready to start a life book, so I'm feeling the guilt thing about the no pictures, so I'm forcing myself to get them?)

John's Christmas pageant was fun. Like the one earlier this year, he was looking a little shell-shocked and didn't participate much, but this time he didn't need to sit on anyone's lap. The director told us she was surprised because he always dances and sings in the classroom. Ahhh, stage fright and a fear of public performance - the kid obviously takes after me. Prior to the show starting, the daycare did a photo show of each child, I did manage to snap a shot of John (believe it or not!) These were taken over the past several months. If I do say so myself, he's quite the handsome boy!

Finally, I crawled on the floor to get over to where he was sitting (Murphy's law - just like last year we sat on one side of the church, he sat on the other.....) I got one picture and some video. I'll try to upload the video this weekend for anyone who is interested in something that resembles the Blair Witch project........

Good night to all - remember to count your blessings and not your problems. (And feel free to throw this in my face when I whine.......!)

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