Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bah Humbug....Instant Karma's Gonna Get Ya (Presumable Autoworker)...and Finally, if you can read through that garbage, a Funny!

WTF does that title mean? No blog pimping. No Santa pic. No video/pic's of John's Christmas pageant, and we still don't have our tree up. These things were supposed to start happening last night, but instead, I spent my evening, and part of this morning dealing with Bill's vandalized car. It's bad enough I've been working late almost every night to get ready for my 2 week vacation, so nothing Christmasy has been going on here at Casa John, but now some Scrooge has made me go all Bah Humbug on the whole deal anyway.

For those that don't live under a rock, you might have heard that Michigan has had some serious problems for several years. Our auto manufacturers/businesses relating to them are the main source of employment for many, many people around here. The auto manufacturers are in serious trouble, and the government, who gives handouts to pretty much anyone who asks, and loves to send billions of our tax dollars overseas isn't doing diddly squat to help.

There have been increasing news stories about vandalism against foreign cars; you have to love the dumb asses that get caught on tape doing it. Well anyway, Bill was driving along to pick up dinner, and keeps hearing road noise in an otherwise quiet car. He got out once and looked around seeing nothing. He got to the restaurant, looks again, and the whole back window is gone, and there is a nice dent, which appears to have been made with a blunt object in the hatch right at the corner of the window. I'm sure he drove around all day with the window cracking......I'm just glad John wasn't in the car.

Of course, being in the insurance industry, we keep large deductibles on our vehicles to keep the premiums down. I'll try to remember that we haven't filed a comp claim in at least 8 years and saved all those premium dollars as I dole out the $500 deductible........I'll also keep those same positive thoughts as I shell out the $$$ for the rental because I cancelled our rental coverage when we had 3 cars and of course, forgot to add it back when we sold the extra car. Boy, am I feeling stupid at the moment.

To the mofo who damaged our car: Instant karma's gonna getcha bud. Be sure of it. 'Nuff said.

Finally to the funny stuff. John was in the tub, babbling on about this and that. I could understand about half of it, when out came something that sounded like "hell no". My first thought was that he couldn't have possible said that. I mean, he says all the time "I suck", which really means "I'm stuck". Not a big deal. Later, we were going through his nighttime ritual, and I was at his door telling him for the third time that it was time for nite-nite, and to get in bed. His latest stall tactic is to ask me what things are, so we went through the list, my hair, his hair, the gate, my sleeve, our hands, then he asked about the bars on the gate, and I told him what they were. His reaction? "Oh hell no!" Of course, I had the worst possible reaction - I laughed hysterically.

Where did he get this distasteful phrase? I'm not sure. I have a friend that says it, but I don't. Bill definately doesn't. I pride myself on being my own person and not picking other people's gestures, intonations, sayings. No way, no how. Oooooooh hellllll, noooooo!!!!!


Tina said...

That is hysterical. Toby says Damn it and that is my fault.

Vanessa said...

Kids do seem to pick up everything I'm learning!! My little one said a not so nice word that I yelled at the idiot who cut me off on the highway the other day!! Reminder to watch my mouth!!
Sorry about the car! I sure hope they find out who did it and make them pay!!

Anonymous said...

Just remember---out of the mouth of babes! This is your mother talking. Clean up your act so my dear, sweet, precious, grandson doesn't lose that innocence.