Monday, December 22, 2008

22 Is My Lucky Number

I know, now just what does that mean? I mean, it's been my lucky number since I was a little kid. It started with 2 being my lucky number. I'd be at the school fair on the cake walk, land on 2, and always win a cake. Never failed. I always watched "Let's Make a Deal" and it never failed that door/curtain number 2 was the big winner when I picked it. Then along came the show where the contestant had to pick from 25 boxes. That's right - whenever I picked 22, it was the big winner.

Now why is this of any relevance some 30-35 years later? Well, just look at the date! It's the 22nd and it's homecoming - John's homecoming! Ironically, I always knew that 22 would play a role in some part of my adoption, although I really thought my son would be born on the 22nd, or we'd receive his referral on the 22nd. (I'm probably really creeping my mother out right now!) I have some very personal reasons for having this feeling, so it goes without saying that the significance of his homecoming on the 22nd is very meaningful to me. I hope that someday I amcomfortable sharing that story, but now is not the time.

Today John went to daycare as usual, he came home to this slight change. He looked at it oddly, and proceeded to pick up the vacuum cord and wrap it around his neck (obviously not in the pic, thank goodness! I was home today, and hadn't finished cleaning before he came home from school). The stocking is his Guatemala Christmas stocking that we bought solely for Homecoming day. This year, his present was too big to fit in it, so it's empty.

There's John playing with the vacuum cord, which for some reason was much more attractive than the present. That situation was remedied ASAP.
Ah, yes, being diverted to the present. Only after being coerced into watching "Jack's Music Show", which normally he beg's to watch, along with Thomas the Tank Engine and The Wiggles...

What's this? Could be fun..........."Helpa Mea" John says in his Italian accent............we have no clue where he picked that up from, but at least it's cute.

Aha, fun times to be had, and enough noise to drive daddy and mommy nuts!

Watching Jack - playing the triangle with the show. Mommy is being bothersome with the camera...........

Finally, a smile! All I had to do was ask him to say cheese, and I got a what I asked for.......a cheesy grin.

Happy homecoming not-so baby boy! We are so blessed that you are a part of our lives. May our love for you go on for at least the next 22 years times infinity!


Kelly said...

Happy Homecoming Day!!!!!!!That's such a cool story about 22. Hope you had a great 22nd and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tam said...

Happy homecoming day (late..sorry) and Merry Christmas!