Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LOL, I'm pretty sure no one reads this anymore!

After all, who wants to hear me spout?

I like to spout when I'm stressed. It helps. Truly it does, but it doesn't give family & friends the main thing they are seeking - pictures of JOHN!

It also doesn't give those closest to me pictures of the house I've been babbling about for about....ummm.........9 months! This house has become a pregnancy, the only difference has been that Bill has had the full pregnancy experience for the same 9 months. At least I can say that he fully participated!

Another lame post, I know. But in about a month, things will improve. John will be back; after all, who is this blog really supposed to be about? In the meantime, I'll probably be spouting nonsense. After all, I do it well. Stress relief is good, really good......and this be it.


Tam said...

I'm still here!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep writing--it is the only way I find out what is going on. Bought John a cute lamp yesterday. It has a bat, football, and soccer ball all mounted on a base. Looks just like his room. Still have to get a lamp shade. You guessed it--from the thrift store!