Monday, May 12, 2008

Doh! How could I forget? Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

To all mother's out there, especially the "non-mom's!" Yes, that is a highly offensive phrase manufactured by NBC & Teleflora. They changed it before Mother's Day and apologized. According to their original contest for mom of the year or some such nonsense, adoptive mom's were lumped into a catagory with people who are essentially caretakers. Nothing against caretakers, who are wonderful people in their own right, but I am my sons momma. Bill is his dadda. Yes, John has a Birthmother, to whom we are eternally thankful for; she is in our prayers every day. However, John does not have a non-mom or non-dad; he doesn't have non-grandparents, or a non-aunt, non-uncles, non-cousin, non-extended family or non-friends; all of the very real people who love him dearly as John, not just our "non-son."

I'm amazed in this day and age that such an idiotic notion can be propogated, much less make it into a national Mother's Day contest. While I'm glad they changed the title due to over-whelming critism, frankly, it was not much better.........It's now over, and we will move beyond.

So to all the mother's out there, whether they be adoptive, birth, foster, step, grand, or other - HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY!!!

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