Friday, April 18, 2008

Today, we mourn the passing of...........


New carpet was being installed and I was trying to stay out of the installers way, so I decided washing the walls and ceiling in the pink room was long overdue. I hit upon a seam, and bye-bye naked angel babies! May they rest in peace.

This is the start of some before and after pics at the new place........I can't get to the kitchen/dining room yet, it's not quite done, but I will finally show John's room, my room, the upstairs bedrooms, and............da da da duh! The LDH in all it's repainted glory. Don't let the sky blue paint off to the right of the above picture fool you, it's not what it seems (yes, it's time to invest in a good photo editor.......)

Naked angel babies, rest in peace.

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Tam said...

Oh my, naked angel babies. Whoo! RIP!