Saturday, April 19, 2008

Master bedroom B&A

First, let me state that everywhere I have lived since I moved out of my parents house at age 23 has been decorated in the same scheme - BEIGE. I've always wanted lots of color, but knowing that painting small places dark colors makes them look smaller, not to mention adding nothing to the resale value, beige it's been.

The new house is different. We plan on living there until we can leave Michigan, which I anticipate will be at least 10-20 years from now. The new house is double the size of our existing one. It's going to be colorful! We'll paint everything beige when we're ready to sell.........
The master bedroom had a dizzying array of floral wallpaper, with the master bath having yet another complementing pattern. Bill dubbed it the "hangover room" since he said it made him queasy. The old carpet made me queasy - so queasy that I ripped it out myself one day early last September.

The new master bedroom is indigo blue with beige trim, the master bathroom is a pretty sky blue. You can't really see the carpet very well, but it's a frieze that matches the trim, but it has little dark flecks all throughout it. No pics of that bath as the contractors made a mess of it, and I've yet to finish cleaning.

Now, all we need to do is get window treatments. At some point after we move in, I'll look into new handles and hinges for the built-ins in brushed nickle.

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Tam said...

Wow...that wallpaper....

I love the built-ins and the color is great. It's amazing the changes you've made already.