Sunday, February 17, 2008

More sleep & John's pageant

Sleep. Please tell me what it is. After an idylic Friday night, Saturday sucked. He was up at 1, took 1/2 bottle, then woke crying at 4, 5, and 6:20, when he took a full bottle, and was up for the day at 8:09. 8:09 I could deal with on a weekend, if the other 4 wakings hadn't occurred. Go figure, he ate like a champ Saturday night, almost a full container of mac & cheese & peas & carrots. No throwing. He ate at 7, and was in bed at 8, falling asleep within minutes.

Here he is with a big smile, wagging his finger at me. That was a first. Unfortunately, the fingerprints all around the fireplace door are not firsts, or seconds......I clean them, they reappear. End of story. Next is the maestro showing off a new trick.......and new shoes.

Oh yeah, Mr. Skinny has no problems crawling into a 6" opening.....and being darn proud of it once he gets back out!
John's pageant was today, it was really cute. I took some video, but need to figure out a better way of getting it on-line. The Spongebob clip took about 20 minutes to upload here, and this is much longer. I also would like to use the video editing software and take out the parts where he is not visible, or when it started looking like something out of the Blair Witch project..........aparently my small arm muscles are in need of exercise if I am to hold this thing steady for more than a minute. Below is John dressed for the show.
Here is after the kid's presentation while the pastor was speaking. Bad mom, I was more interested in the cool hat that John had painted.

Fortunately, John decided to pay rapt attention.

Last, but not least, a picture of Little dog. In the three years he's been with us, this is the first good shot I've got of his face. Usually he moves too quick, and I catch the back of him..........he must be slowing with age.

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Tam said...

Yeah. Kevin had that exact same kind of night on Saturday. I hope it gets better for you soon.