Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More illness

I can't believe it, John is sick again. This time with a double ear infection and tonsilitis. He was fine at school yesterday, they said he had a great day. He was crabby last night, and we put him to bed early figuring he was tired. He was back up at 9pm with a fever, and pretty much up and down all night. No matter what I gave him, the fever never quite abated.

I called the doctor and they tried to tell me to just give him Motrin & Tylenol for 24 hours before bringing him in. I don't think the dipwad who tried to tell me that knew how old he was........I told her he's 18 months old, has a history of ear asymptomatic ear infections, and needs to be seen today. I didn't tell her that it's only February, and it's the third time I've had to call in sick to work...........

We got our appointment, and poor baby had a 104 degree temp by the time we got back to the room. This was 4 hours after taking Motrin, which is supposed to last for 6-8 hours. They gave him Tylenol, and by the time they tested him for influenza & strep, the fever was coming back down.

I guess his tonsils are huge, they said we have to watch for any difficulty swallowing or breathing until the antibiotics kick in. Apparently they can abcess?

Every day, there is always something I'd always rather be doing than going to work. Today, I just wished my baby was healthy, and I was at work.

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Tam said...

Oh no! The poor baby. I'm so sorry he's sick. I'm praying for him to be feeling better quick...