Saturday, February 16, 2008

So, what's up with us?

We had a rotten week, that's what. For the first time in probably 3 months, John slept through the night Sunday night. It felt so good to feel rested for a change, getting up in the middle of the night gets old. I thought maybe we reached a turning point........

We did, but not the one I wanted. For the next 4 nights, John was up screaming every 2 hours. Nothing made him happy, not bottles, not being held, or even getting into our bed. I don't know what was wrong, he wasn't sick, was still on antibiotics from the last virus. Let's just say that nobody was happy around here.

I've read people swear by "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child", which I bought a while back, but never got past the first 40 or so pages without falling asleep myself. Darn sleep algorithms bored me to tears. I got he book back out, and tried to look things up by John's age. The author said to put him to bed an hour earlier. Somehow I didn't see that being the problem, and I have a problem putting him to bed an hour after he gets home from daycare.

I kept him up an hour later, and fed him dinner an hour later. On Thursday, the first night I did this, he actually ate his dinner instead of throwing it at me. Hmmmm, maybe he's not hungry at 6pm? He went to bed at 8 and only got up once. Last night, he again ate at 7, ate more than he threw, went to bed at 8, and DIDN'T WAKE UP UNTIL 6:20! Hurray!

Please pray that John continues to sleep and eat better!

Also, John's daycare pagaent is tomorrow, and I will be taking the video camera and getting photos, watch for them soon.

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Michelle Smiles said...

Oh I hope that the sleep trend continues! No sleep is ugly. We are so lucky in that department.