Sunday, February 3, 2008

He still exists, I promise.

Looking very much like the big kid. He hadn't seen the camera in a month, so we even got a bit of a smile before he figured out what was really happening.
To prove he still looks somewhat like a baby.............

Wow, John is 18 months and 2 days. To update you as to how he's doing, well, he's great! Sassy!Obstinate! Sweet! Smart! Defiant! Loving!

Enough with the exclamation points. John is a smart kid, he's got a vocabulary of about 25-30 recognizible words, including, much to my delight, Spongebob (okay, it comes out spuba, but only when he see's Spongebob's picture). He doesn't actually get to see Spongebob cartoons, only the intro song, but if you've watched the video, you know how much he loves that.

John has been walking for just about 6 months, runs like a champ, and has now mastered climbing on all the furniture - which means nothing in the room is no longer off limits.....I'll miss those days of putting things outside of his reach........He's also a daredevil, and anything he wants is now at risk, keeping Bill & I on our toes, constantly. I'll be glad when we move, and he can have a whole room to himself for all his antics (after I've carefully babyproofedJohn-proofed).

We're getting closer and closer to moving, most of the hold-up now is on us, rather me, who needs to get busy picking out lights, hardware and glass. I felt cruddy all this weekend, so nothing got done......again. I need to get on the ball.

I've got the camera downstairs again, so hopefully more pictures will be arriving shortly.

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