Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just a brief update.......We're a bunch of sickies.

Bad me, no pics or videos. I was afraid that John would get my illness, and my fear was realized. He woke up coughing with a 102 degree fever on Monday. He went to the doctor right away, got antibiotics, but still fought the fever for three days. He's still not eating well, and is waking up multiple times each night, which makes for a very cranky mommy & daddy.

We thought Bill was going to avoid the plague, but he started with the fever and coughing on Thursday. His cough is much worse than John's or mine, so I hope he doesn't have bronchitis or worse. He was stubborn and wouldn't go to the doctor right away. Yeah, I know, sounds just like me who waited 3 days. At least we got John in right away.

Please say a prayer we have a better week next week and start getting some sleep.

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Tam said...

I'm so sorry y'all are sick! I hope you're feeling better soon.