Saturday, December 1, 2007

Whew, SW visit over.

Now I can relax. Our social worker said she saw no signs of developmental delay at all. She read us the milestones an 18 month old US born child should be reaching - 16 month old Guatemalan-born John has already reached those, too. When I first met him at 3 months old, I knew he was ahead of schedule. Yes, I'm being a proud bragging mama, sorry. I'll shut up now.

Poor John got 4 shots at the doctor today. He hasn't had a bad reaction to any in the past, so I'm praying that holds true with this batch. I'm so happy that none of his recent colds (which he pretty much has had back to back since September, and likes to share with mommy & daddy) has led to a reoccurence of the ear infections he suffered from last spring.

John's fourth molar finally put in an appearance yesterday, and a couple of eye teeth have come through. He's sleeping better all ready. Yippee!

Is anyone else behind with their Christmas shopping? I need to get on the ball with it soon.


Kristen and the Gang said...

WTG, John! Aren't these 18 mth old Guats a hoot??

Tam said...

Behind on shopping? I haven't even begun and I'm starting to panic!

Four shots? The poor boy...

Glad your SW visit went off without a hitch and glad to see John's doing so well.