Monday, December 3, 2007


Regrets, I have a sung by Frank Sinatra.

Regrets, I have a sung by me, poorly.

My latest regret.

Meet Douglas Fir. He sings three songs, loudly, and makes bad jokes, such as "have a treemendous Christmas". I thought John might get a kick out of him since he adores the creature over to the left (as well as the sippy to the right). Boy was I wrong.Meet Achy Breaky. He's a guitar playing, dancing frog that sings none other than Achy Breaky Heart. Now John had a long love affair with Achy, so much, in fact, that now Achy sits on a high shelf because he only half-way works. He used to open his mouth to sing, but I think being fed Cheerios & pacifiers by a less than gentle toddler did him in. In order to preserve any movement, Achy requires parental supervision when in use.

Up until Sunday, John occasionally pointed at Achy perched upon the bookcase, and would dance to the song. That is, until Mommy had the brilliant idea to put Douglas up while John napped yesterday. Mr. "I notice everything" woke from his nap and started pointing, so we fired Douglas up. After a couple of minutes looking scared, John decided that Douglas is the next best thing to sliced bread. Even Achy has taken second stage to this one.

John dancing and demanding that Douglas sing. Did I mention Douglas is extremely loud, and only sings three songs? Did I also mention that John has started to throw temper tantrums, and a major trigger is not getting his way? John is ticked when Douglas is turned off, and Achy no longer placates him. Douglas went up yesterday during John's nap. By bedtime, I think we heard him 2500 times. When John woke this morning, despite it being dark and unable to be seen, John immediately started pointing to the bookshelf Douglas sits on. The kid is too smart for his own good!

As evidenced by the photo, it's not like he doesn't have other toys to occupy him.I think Douglas is about to be packed back up until next year - I can't take it anymore!

Check out my talented son! Notice anything missing? Of course mommy forgot the bib. I like cleaning up messes.

Who needs spoons when I have hands?


Katie said...

He is so darling -- I love his expressions !!

Tam said...

What a cutie! Yeah, I think I'd have to hide that puppy until next year, too.