Saturday, December 8, 2007

Grrrr...........I'm whining............

I'm crabby. I have a headache. I'm in the mood to whine. And since you're here, you're going to find out why (unless you quit reading now, which is entirely understandable!).

We have been BLESSED with a "healthy" kid - when I say that, I mean no developmental delays, no teeth issues (other than normal teething), no growth issues (he's small, but has always followed the same curve), physically perfect (many thanks to God for that!). But, and you knew there had to be one, he's a daycare kid, which pretty much means one week after he started day care, he had a cold and ear infection. Those pretty much went back to back until it got warm here in lovely Michigan. Since September, John started with the back to back colds again (thankfully minus the ear infections). This means that Bill & I have also had back to back colds since that time. Bill's already been to the doctor for bronchitis, I let a sinus infection go two weeks because I simply had no time to schedule a doctor's appointment. Let me tell you, that was one FINE headache.......... The infection finally broke up yesterday (Friday), and I had some headache-free moments, until this morning at about 3AM, when John started coughing in his sleep. He's coughed all day, and looks miserable, but fortunately does not have a fever. I tried the homeopathic remedies - hah! - and finally resorted to something the pharmacist recommended before he went to bed. After all those medications were pulled from the market, I'm not so thrilled with giving him anything, but am I supposed to let him suffer and not sleep when he's taken this stuff before and not had problems?

Yeah, and since mid-afternoon, I've also been coughing. I couldn't even get 24 hours of feeling like a normal, sleep-deprived human being. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS????

Seriously, if you have some recommendations on boosting immunity for our entire family, please email or comment, we need help desperately. Safe, effective cold remedies would also be greatly appreciated.

On the holiday front, we put up the Christmas tree. In keeping with my mood, we can't figure out how to attach all the light plugs correctly, so the upper third of the tree isn't lit. John was WAY CRABBY while we attempted to do this, so we quit trying to make it work. Fortunately, since John is only 31" tall, he didn't give a hoot about the unlit parts of the tree.

Once we get the lighting issue figured out, I'll post pics of John this year and last year looking at the tree. I can't believe he's been home almost a year!

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