Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ack - post-placement moved up 10 days....

....and I'm so not prepared! It was moved from a week from Monday (ie: allowing me to scrub the house down over the weekend & either hide/move/straighten anything messy) to Saturday. Yup, day after tomorrow.

All of last weekend was spent at the other house being productive, which means things suffered here. Each night here, once John finally fell asleep, I've been a semi-comatose vegetable from lack of sleep. Now I've got to scramble.

The SW found out John had a dr. appointment on Saturday at 9:45 and asked if she could come before. Mwaaaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhaaaahhhhhaaaaa. Yea, right. Like I'm going to get up at 4AM on a Saturday to clean/shower/put on make-up/get the kid presentable/exercise the insane young dog/wake up the sleeping, cranky old dog/have breakfast/wipe the cobwebs out of the basement windows/bake a loaf of bread so the place doesn't smell like baby & dog/etc, etc, etc.

Where the hell did I stash my Swiffer?

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Tam said...

LOL! Don't sweat it. Really. Mine was very laid back and he only looked at where Kevin sleeps. It was mostly questions regarding Kevin's stats since birth (with my charting his growth all along, it was a breeze...). It didn't seem like it was going to be a big deal if i didn't have the info, either. He was actually quite surprised when I pulled my handy dandy chart out. LOL! Don't worry about cleaning. That isn't what they're interested in...Besides, what the heck are they going to do if you don't dust? Pffft.