Monday, November 26, 2007


My bedroom a couple of months ago - after new light fixture installed and nasty carpet removed. Bill claimed every time he looked at the wallpaper, he thought he had a hangover. I just felt like I was dizzy when I looked at it. We believe it was original to the house, ie. circa 1960. It was the old paper stuff that was pretty much unstrippable. My dad sanded and spackled to make the walls smooth, and painted over it.You can see the one area of the wall where my mom tried to take off wallpaper. It was an all day project to get that much off, and that was using enzymes and scoring the paper. I didn't really care for the built-in closets at first, but I have to say, they've really grown on me. They are in really good shape, so I'm leaving them alone for now, but in the future, I will replace all the handles and hinges with nickle. The original wall color gave me an idea...........
Wow! No more flowers! I've still got to paint the window & base trim, which luckily, I was able to come up with a really close match to the closets, which don't need paint. I'm finally thinking outside of the decorating box, and looking at colors other than beige.....Now I've got to find a dark bedspread/duvet that matches the walls.

The original kitchen, dark and tiny.
The view into the dining room (which had coordinating dark wallpaper, but Bill eradicated that the first day we were in there).
Looking from the dining room into the kitchen. The dining room is a couple of feet larger than the kitchen in both directions. I wonder what the builder was thinking????
Same view - minus the wall. We also had the huge closet in the hallway cut in half. Prior to owning this place, I could never have imagined giving up closet space, since it's at a premium where we live now. The new house has closets galore. So many, in fact, that ONE of the upstairs closets, of which there are three, is larger than ALL of my bedroom closets in my current home combined. The now 1/2 closet by the garage is still the size of my only coat closet at my current home - and at the new home, there are still two more coat closets.

Looking from the kitchen into the dining room. The contractor is going to use the existing built in cabinet and reface it to match our new cabinets. There will be a built-in buffet on the wall next to the built-in cabinet. I am so geeked to be able to finally keep all of my cookware within a couple of feet from my stove, as right now, everthing is in my basement.The old entryway from dining room to kitchen, and the "long, dark hall". The LDH is now 3' shorter, yippee! Our refrigerator is going in the old pantry area that was torn out. It will have cabinets built around it.

John's room is about 40% done, ceiling is painted, fan installed, and upper walls have 2 coats of paint. The lower wall has one coat of granite paint, and I'll go apply the second tomorrow. Then, I just need to paint the window trim, the chair rail, and nail back up the chair rail. I've already found carpet that matches the granite paint, so he will be styling! My parents bought him a toy box for Christmas, and I purchased the coordinating table & shelf. The colors match perfectly!

Here's the man himself enjoying his new table. You can see the other stuff in the background. I'll post a picture of his new room once the painting is done.


Tam said...

Oh, I love it! It looks so nice and big. I want big... :(

Kristen and the Gang said...

Looks like your making good progress!!!! Kepp up the good work!!! I can't wait to see the finished job!!!