Sunday, November 25, 2007


I know, I promised some house afters, which I'm now too tired to post. I will do my best to get them up tomorrow (which certainly means a struggle on some front, be it internet or photo resizing....)

On the plus side, all mouse traps were still empty today, and there was no further evidence of any sort of visitation.

Wow, what a productive couple of days! Every surface on the 2nd floor has now been scrubbed and is ready for paint - although I doubt I actually paint in the next year's time. My bedroom and bathroom have now been painted (except for trim), and John's bedroom has had the final wall scrubbing (to get rid of obnoxious wallpaper), had the chair rail carefully removed and numbered so I can paint it and reattach it, had the ceiling painted, had the upper wall parts painted, and is ready for me to apply the granite paint on the lower wall portions next week. Then, all I will need to do is paint the chair rail, nail it back on, paint the window/closet/door trim, and order carpet. We were also able to scrub the last of the wallpaper off the dining room/small hall walls, and get about 1/2 of the long hall done. Yippee!

Wallpaper sucks. Big time. Please think twice about ever installing it anywhere.

While there is no way everthing will get done before we move in, the house of skank is quickly becoming someplace we can easily live in - and day by day getting closer to becoming HOME.

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Tam said...

Hey, wow, you got a ton of stuff done! I'm impressed. Seriously. Nice job!