Saturday, November 24, 2007

The audacity of some people!

I've told you about this house we bought (and will have some before & afters tomorrow) - it was a forclosure, and totally trashed; I knicknamed it the house of skank. We found out a couple of weeks ago that Bill & I actually know the guy who owned it (he was a contractor that we both worked with when we were claim adjusters years ago). Talk about a weird feeling...........

Well today, we are over there with my parents doing more washing, scraping and painting. There's an electrician and his nephew there, and our kitchen contractor told us he might stop by. My mom & I are in the living room with John, and we hear a strange voice calling "Mr. S (Bill), Mr. C (kitchen guy)." Somebody's walked into our house, I'm thinking it's another sub-contractor, no biggee.

Talk about having balls - I mean major league kahones - it's the guy that used to own the house. Unbelievable, he walked right in! Apparently, in these parts, all contractor's know each other, and when Bill was told who owned the house previously and said he knew him, this person happened to run into the ex-owner and tell him who bought the house! I was livid!

After you've completely trashed a house to the point of disgustingness, you have the audacity to show up, walk in, and proceed to offer to show the new owner around and show him some idiosyncrasis (sp?) with the house? WTF! (Bill declined - I never bothered to say hello). Unfrikkenbelievable.

On the "aaaaccckkk" Bill found a dead mouse in the basement a couple of weeks ago, which caused me to go into panic mode and booby trap the basement. Nothing more, but today when I was washing closets upstairs, I found something suspicious on the floor that I just cleaned last week. Yuck. I found a contractor had taken off some access panel in the closet and left it off, open to the attic area. I've now moved all my booby traps from the basement to the second floor............

I don't like mice, which leads me to some pretty agressive tactics that I'll discuss in length when I introduce my new "fun" blog later this week. Stay tuned for a little while longer.

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