Sunday, December 23, 2007

As promised, 16 months of John! I haven't figured out how to get a space in between all the pictures to type, so bear with me. Pic 1 -2 are in Guatemala taken by the attorney, Pic 3 was taken when we visited, Pic 4 is moments after he came to us forever on 12-19-06. Pic 5 is on his 5 month birthday.
Pic 6 is when he was 6 months old & enjoying his new toy. Pic 7 is Mr. Happy Eater, Pic 8 shows the remnants of the "shiner" he got at 8 months old when he pulled up on the coffee table and fell. Pic 9 is the one and only time he looked like a Buddha, he started slimming down right after that. Pic 10 shows all his gorgeous baby hair, Pic 11 is moments after all that hair went bye-bye

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY JOHN! This was at his daycare party, and his shirt was off so that he could have a cupcake and not mess up his outfit.
13 months old, and walking like a champ!
Fourteen months old, and a big Judge Joe fan. Nah, I'm teasing, he really doesn't watch TV, but mom likes Judge Joe.
Fifteen months old, and doesn't look like a baby anymore :-(

And, last for now, Mr. Baby John at 16 months old. I swear he smiles as much and as big as he used to, but the minute the camera comes out, fuggedaboutit, no can do. Hopefully he'll cooperate for Christmas and I can post some of those pics.

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