Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Homecoming John!

Unbelievable, it was one year ago today that John came home from Guatemala!

We didn't do much for him today, only because at 16 months of age, he can't understand it, but I did tell him his story (in between reading him "Hippos go Berserk" 95 times and "Snuggle Puppy" 112 times). As years go on, there will be a big celebration in honor of homecoming or family day.

John actually came to us forever on the 19th, but since that is Bill's birthday, I wanted John to have his own special day of his own. Of course, every year on the 19th, he'll hear all about Daddy's best birthday gift ever.....

On the "I'm such a bad mom" front, I still have not made John's lifebook. I hope that since I'm off this next week that I can get it started on one of the picture websites like Shutterfly. Of course, John is also off daycare this next week, so how far I get with this project is up in the air.

John's Christmas pageant got cancelled due to inclement weather, and was not rescheduled. Just our luck since we bought a video camera for the occasion. At least, Christmas morning will be on tape. Actually, hard drive.

So where's the pic's? I'm too lazy to download the latest and resize anything at the moment, but I promise, I'll do a 1 year montage in the next couple of days. I can't believe he's been home a year, and boy-oh-boy, has he changed!

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