Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yes, you will hate me for this!

I've been a music lover all of my life. The one thing I hate about music though, is that sometimes, some song I absolutely detest, gets stuck in my head with glue (.....and I-eeee-I-eeee-I, will always lo-hove you-eee-you............ack, make it stop!)

Since I have Sirius satellite radio, which doesn't bleep out the cuss words in the music that I tend to listen to, I turn on a kids station whenever John is in the car. I swear you can't go 10 minutes without hearing the Wiggles, lol. There is this other song, though, that has become stuck in my head with industrial strength superglue. HA HA - now it's stuck in yours! Come on everybody, do the hampster dance!


Kristen and the Gang said... should put a warning on that....."LIKE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SOUNDING LIKE A CHIPMUNK FOR THE NEXT WEEK......DON"T OPEN THIS BLOG!!!! Too Funny!

Kelly said...


Tam said...

Oh, you soooo suck!