Monday, October 29, 2007

My kid is smart.

LOL, probably too smart for someone who is not even 15 months old! He was wandering the living room while I sat on the couch and attempted to keep one eye on him, and the other on the newspaper. Out of nowhere, I felt an awful sensation in my nose, and I quickly sneezed, hard.

John looked at me, threw his head back, brought it forward, and said "aaaahhh - cheeeee". I start laughing hysterically, which made him do it over and over again, all while giggling. I kept saying sneeze for mommy............

Fast forward, Daddy comes home, and I say to John, sneeze for mommy. Blank look. I did the head motion and said "atchoo", and he starts all over with the exagerated head movement and "aaaaahhh - cheeeeee". Too cute! I know - you're looking at your screen and screaming "GET A VIDEO CAMERA!"

On that note, please see the PayPal Donate link to your upper right............JUST KIDDING!!!! I often wonder about people asking for money on the internet, are they legit? Deep Jack Handy.

I promise, my next post will have pics. Smiley boy has returned, with the fab addition of 2 upper molars, and definite hints of fangs ready to break way any moment (give me a break, after Halloween, I'll call them by their proper name, but right now, I'm on a Bela Lugoisi kick). Since he's stopped gnawing on stuff, the swelling and redness is gone from his lower gums, so I guess we get to experience teething boy again when they decide to pop through.

Enough. I'm hungry. Blogging off.


Tam said...

Awww, sheesh, how cute is that?! BTW, hearing Queen when I pulled up your blog was very cool.

Kristen and the Gang said...

It sounds like John will be a little smarty pants....that can be good and!!!