Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The smile is back - on the pirate, not the pumpkin, that unintentionally resembles a "Scream" mask, or painting by Edvard Munch.
And I'm not trick or treating why?
Is this costume too cute or what?

Pirate making off with the loot............
I got's the goodies, shiver me timbres!
Doing the pirate crawl
Trick or treating is done????
Wow, our first Halloween together! I felt John was a little young to do actual trick or treating, so I dressed him up and had him out with me on the porch. Not such a good idea when Daddy had to work late (what was he thinking?). John got crabby quick, and we came in. I left his Halloween bucket on the porch with about 10 pieces of candy left in it. A couple of kids came to the door, and took it all. Classy neighborhood where we live. Do you think had I taken him out that the neighbor's would have known the candy would be for me & Bill? I figured they would.


Kristen and the Gang said...

OMG...i love John's costume and that pumpikn pic is fantastic!!! It looks like Halloween #1 was a success!

Kelly said...

What a cute pirate. We took Sky last year and the neighbors were really good about giving her stuff she could actually eat... well 2 of them anyway and they knew we were coming. The rest we were guilty of eating.This year she can eat everything but we don't really want her too LOL

Tam said...

Very cute costume. People were horrified that I didn't take Kevin out. WTH? He's 9 months old and was already getting to bed by the time the crap started happening.

"Old" Uncle Mike! said...

NICE costume! And as usual... he looks great. Is he walking now, too? It's always too long between our "John fix!" BTW... nice music with the Halloween blog entry. Love yas, mfl