Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teething Bites Big Time!

My poor baby is cutting no less than 6 (possibly 8) teeth right now, we've had a rough week. I refuse to take pictures of him screaming, so we probably won't have any new ones until we get through this. 1st molars and fangs (eye teeth) all at once - this sucks!

So, is the music tolerable, or are you screaming for it's removal? I typically hate to hear music on other blogs - I usually turn it off right away, but with my own blog, it's really weird, I love the music (wonder why.......)! So much so that I typically open up a couple of screens and listen to my amazing choices while I surf other places. I surf longer just to hear the amazing songs I've selected (and I LMAO whenever the Benny Hill theme song comes up). Okay - I can hear the gagging now, LOL, things are only perfect in my little world. Please comment on whether the music shoud stay or go............if I don't get comments, then that's another song I can add to my list.......The Clash, Should I Stay or Should I go Now.......

Since I love Christmas music, I reserve the right to add Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving (never sooner!).

Nighty, night. I'm completely wasted from all the screamfests at 3-4AM, and my inability to fall back asleep afterwards, I can't think of anything funny or obnoxious to blog about right now.

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Tam said... music is coming through to me today. I wonder if it's on your end or my end...Well, now WHY wouldn't you take a picture of him crying/screaming?! I take those pics so I can hold them over his head some day! ;)