Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why can't I figure this out?

I read other people's blogs and they add pictures in the middle of posts, or at the end. Why is this only allowing me to add at the beginning? I'm trying to write this post in a larger, more readable font. We'll see if it works. We are going back to the house today to meet another kitchen guy. Should be fun with John in tow. I'll take my new camera and try to get some shots that aren't blurry, I really need to read the manual. If you are wondering why I'm having such issues, it's because I got sick of missing shots with my point & shoot digital camera's that had severe shutter lag, so I used the American Express Rewards points that I accumulated for 10 years, and bought a Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR camera. The good news? No shutter lag. The bad news is that I can't figure out how to take a clear picture. I really need to read the instruction manual. I suspect I'll also need a couple of different lenses. Maybe once we move and get settled in, I'll take a photography class.

Finally, for those that read this.................As I think it, I type it. I do not consider sentance structure, grammer, or even typo's, and I'm definately not going to be bothered with editing my numerous mistakes. At work, it has to be perfect. I'm not at work.

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