Friday, August 17, 2007

Found the auto-focus!

Gosh, what can I say here? It's probably apparent why we are looking into a new expanded kitchen. And the long hallway? Isn't the wallpaper awesome? Bill didn't think so, and now it has several large missing areas. I'll need to take a pass thru with my steamer. The other photos are of the living room. They don't do it justice, it's pepto bismal pink. Yep, walls & carpet (which, sadly, is in virtually perfect shape). To top off the decorating faux pas, there a lovely naked angel wallpaper border. I'm sorry, I really need to learn to work the camera in order to bring this monstrosity to it's full impact, my pics truly do not do it justice. Perhaps the saddest thing of all is that the living room will not be in the budget for renovation until......say.......2010. We're gonna hafta deal. John probably won't care if this is his playroom for the time being. By the time he does care, well, buh bye naked angel babies!

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