Friday, August 17, 2007

Ugghhh - I thought I was the world's worst housekeeper!

Yeah, my housekeeping skills suck. I thought I was the worlds worst, until we found this place. Apparently, containing unhousebroken pets was not a priority - and it showed in EVERY room. Yes, I do mean every. I can't deal with that. Nor was proper ash management for a smoker. Astonishingly, the ashes cleaned up, except for the cigarette burns. As that room will be my computer room until we are able to gut the 2nd floor and make it a master suite, I'm okay with it. John will not know the 2nd floor exists until it is brand new - which is in the 3-5 year plan (at the soonest). As for the rest of the pet stains? The minimally affected living room and family room are now looking new, and smelling good. As far as the downstairs bedrooms go, both will be re-carpeted before we move in, so I didn't bother with them. The only other carpet on the first floor is in the kitchen and hall - and that will be replaced with hardwood or, gasp (I can't believe I'm typing this!),Pergo before we move in. The basement is another matter, but I'll save that saga for another post.

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