Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trying something new........

Well, my pictures are getting a little clearer. I can't figure this camera out. I did find a second button that I needed to press for Auto Focus, and it's helping, but I think the camera is so much heavier than I'm used to, and my hands are shaking? I'm on chapter 2 of the manual, so hopefully things will get better. John is not looking to happy being confined to his stroller in the filthy bug-laden garage.
No mama, I don't smile on command when that camera is out!
Sunroom & newly cleaned up landscaping. We need to get the carpet out of the sunroom ASAP as the non-housebroken dogs were there, and it stinks.
Back of the house, I never got around to the front with the camera as I was busy with the kitchen guy & John.
Yeah, I'll smile with a paci in my mouth. He now only gets access to paci's when he's in his crib. I hope to have him off them in another couple of months.
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