Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No blurry pics today, sorry!

But, the pictures from John's birthday finally went to CVS, so I'll put some of those on this weekend.

We had some good news yesterday - about the basement, which is currently growing an impressive SMELLY mold patch in the middle of the floor. We have no clue how it got there, and why. Fortunately, the guy from Spic & Span carpet cleaning told us he could get it out and salvage the basement carpet. Since the carpeted area is about 1500 sf +, this will be a real cost savings since it would be expensive to have someone tear it out (glued down), and that would probably ruin the tile floor underneath. Since I don't plan on using the basement for anything more than Bill's office, storage, and an exercise area anytime in the near future, I'm all about salvaging the carpet.

It rained constantly the past two days, and when Bill went to check on the house, yippee! The basement was dry. We have a known foundation & grading issue that will be rectified in the next couple of weeks, but I'm glad to see it's not contributing to the basement dampness. When the water was turned back on, there were leaks, which unbeknownst to us saturated a couple of ceiling tiles, and they got moldy and eventually fell. We got rid of those, and luckily, there's no mold on the ceiling, so how the floor got moldy in an area away from the foundation walls, and no where near the leak is beyond me. It was not moldy a couple of weeks ago when we had the home inspection. After the weeds were removed, we did find that the outside spicket (sp?) has a leak, I'm not sure if that contributed. I'll post before and after pictures next Monday after the cleaning.

If you need heavy duty, industrial strength carpet cleaning, let me know and I'll get you a phone number. Spic & Span made the living and family room carpets look new. They weren't too bad to start with, but there was a lot of dust on them (and dead bugs), and a couple of stains. They couldn't guarentee the upstairs, and I don't blame them, but they did make it look and smell 1000% better. The owner told us he thought the lower bedrooms would clean up well as the carpet was of a higher quality, but since those are the rooms we will be sleeping in, we'll splurge for new carpet.

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