Thursday, August 23, 2007

John & Daddy at the grandparents - on his new toy, the one we call the "around the world zebra". It's very cool - thanks Uncle Mike!!!

Here is the lame cake I made for John. Yes, I am embarrassed. Although, he tasted cake a couple of weeks before his actual birthday when Grandma & Grandpa M. were here, then we visited Grandma & Grandpa S. just before his birthday and had more cake, I still made both cupcakes for daycare, and a cake for us. The poor kid was sugared out before his birthday - and I typically NEVER give him sugar!

Peek! I'm done - don't give me more food or I'll spit it at you.

Gifts! Now how cool is this? Will there be more tomorrow? Little do I know this is my last day to enjoy my paci outside of the crib..............

(Yes, that is a garbage bag you see in the background. Pretty pathetic, huh? Not really. After I laundered a bunch of miscelanious {whoa, did I mangle the spelling on that...} I put them in a garbage bag to take to the new house and store......then I found that it makes a great barrier between John and the air cleaner that resides behind the chair, so the garbage bag will stay until we have to show our home. Please don't worry, John is always supervised 100% of the time he is in the living room).

Back on the "around the world zebra" - probably one of the coolest toys ever, although right now, he won't stay on it unless someone is holding him. It's too cute, he throw's his leg over it, and then doesn't know what to do. He prefers to stand in front of it or along side, and shake it to make music.

I'll post pictures of the daycare birthday celebration soon, it looks like he had an awesome time!

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