Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yes, I've been MIA for a while. Yes, I should be posting some cute pics of my kid gazing at Thomas the train in person - after all, it's been TWO weeks since we went. But, I'm not. I've been too busy with real life, and too tired to do fun things like blog and download pictures.

Instead, I'm going to bitch about drug prices. Ding Dong #2 (Josie) was spayed last week compliments of the pound where we got her. Six days after she was spayed, she decided to eat a piece of John's wooden Thomas train track, which as lazy loving parents, we left on the floor after John went to bed. Ding Dong #2 had this in her big mouth all of 30 seconds before she was busted, but managed to cause the wood to splinter none the less. A little while later, she threw up.

By Thursday (one week post surgery), she was coughing. By Friday, she was at the vet. Diagnosis? Aspiration pneumonia. Most likely cause? Throwing up. Anyway, the vet advises that their animal antibiotic is $130, but she called a not-so-local drug store, and she can give me a script for a generic human drug that runs $90. I'm good with that.

Bill takes the script to our local CVS. How much do they want to charge? $220! Yes, $220 for 14 days of generic antibiotic for a dog. Meijers isn't much better at $200. I checked on line to see if the pharmacy the vet checked with was associated with anyone else closer, and found the local drug store just down the street is a part of the same network. Bill went there, and guess what they charged for the same frikking drug? $70. Guess where we are now doing all our shopping?

What really irked me, and makes me really feel bad for people without perscription coverage is that the same drug in Canada is being sold for $30. We weren't sure if they'd fill a K-9 perscription, so we didn't make the 17 mile trek across the border, but I certainly understand why people travel hundreds of miles to do so now.

Drug companies and drug stores - what a crock.


Kelly said...

That is ridiculous!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can say that again.