Monday, April 27, 2009

Guardian Angels Waiting in the Wings

Do you believe in guardian angels? I do. I've had too many unexplained things happen to me for me not to believe in their presence. Today I had yet another encounter with one in the form of a very nice policeman.

I was driving to work, and being the courteous driver impatient person that I am, got caught behind some old piece of junk van going over the train tracks right at the sewage plant going 2 - yes - 2 miles an hour. Not liking the smell of *ahem* shi sewage, I don't tend to dilly-dally around the tracks, so I made sure the coast was clear and high-tailed it around pokey, going the speed limit of course.

Well, what do you know, a little further down the road, I see some blue & red flashing lights coming up on my bumper. Oh carp. Usually I get a racing heart and bad feeling in my stomach, but this time, it was just like "oh well". The nice officer took my license and registration, but when I looked at my insurance card, I noticed it expired TODAY. I couldn't find the new one to save my life. I told the officer I must have forgotten to put it in my car, I wouldn't drive without insurance. (Working for an insurance company, I know that would be a bad, bad idea). The nice police man came back and said he'd let me off with a warning since I had a good record, but that I needed to find that updated insurance card. I told him I'd take care of it right away.

I got to work and called my agent, who told me he didn't see where any payments had been made on my policy. ACCCKKKK! I promptly put the balance on my Visa, and he faxed me proof of insurance.

What are the chances I'd get pulled over on the day my policy expired, when I had no clue it was up for expiration? (I'm not insured with the company I work for, so it's not like I can just check the company computer any time I get the urge).

This is just too weird. Someone was watching out for me, which I'm happy about, since I obviously need the help, LOL!


Anonymous said...

You know the answer to all these questions and exactly who was watching over you!

Kelly said...

Gotta love guardian angels!!!