Monday, January 12, 2009

How does he remember these things?

I have a hard time remembering what clothes I wore to work over a 5 day period and ensuring that I don't repeat the same outfit (the horrors!). Don't ask me what I ate for lunch yesterday. I don't remember.

My parents live in North Carolina, surrounded by all sorts of fantabulous restaurants. Everytime I visit, I am so envious, because there is just nothing comparitive where I live (Detroit - fattest city in the nation!). I could easily eat out in NC every day. I could also easily weigh 300 lbs because of all this fantastic food, so it is probably a good thing that I am the only member of my immediate family that remains in the homeland. Only Las Vegas beats NC for good Italian restaurants. (Admittedly, I am not well-traveled, ha ha!).

Everytime my skinny/healthy eating parents come back to town, they go into some junk food frenzy, and have to have all of the local things they can't get in NC. Why? I'm not sure. I don't think I'd miss a lot of the local crapola if I had good stuff available nearby.

The point of this post? Well, the people who have Krispy Kreme's available on every corner, were here at Halloween and gave my kid a Duncan donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. First, who in their right mind would prefer a stale Duncan donut to a deliciously soft, melts in your mouth, chocolate frosted Krispy Kreme? My NC transplanted parents, that's who. And now, they've tainted my kid before he's ever even tried a Krispy Kreme to expect pink frosting and sprinkles.

I was shifting around some spices in the spice cabinet, and happened to get out a jar of decorative sprinkles yesterday. John immediately saw this, ran and got something to step on, climbed up and grabbed the sprinkles. He immediately starting shouting "donuts, donuts".

How does a 29 month old child remember something he hasn't eaten in over 2 months? Should I be scared? Should I call Mensa?


Vanessa said...

ROFL!! Somehow they remember everything we wish they would forget!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Call Mensa. It's a gift. He takes after his maternal grandparents who never met a Duncan Donut they didn't like.

Tam said...

Oh no, no, no. That boy needs to have an intervention re: Dunkin Donuts vs Krispy Kreme! Pu-LEASE! No comparison.

Anonymous said...

I'm with John, While 'Hot Now' raised and glazed Krispie Kremes are a little piece of heaven, every other flavor is strongly trumped by Dunkin'Donuts. Mensa has been notified.