Thursday, November 20, 2008

You know you are seriously in need of an adult life when......

The following true conversation took place at our house between two age 40+ adults while our two year old son was happily jumping around to a Wiggles DVR.

Wiggles: "Here is a lullaby named Georgia's song....."

Adult 1: "I think this is the one where they show Anthony's wife and daughter."

Adult 2: "Really?" (looks up from reading material and watches fascinated) "Cute."
"WOW! Was that Captain Feathersword without his patch and costume?!?!?"

Adult 1: "REWIND!" (Adult 2 frantically searches for remote and rewind button.)

Adult 1: "It might be!"


Kelly said...

OMG LOL This happened to us not that long ago. LOL Glad We're not the only ones.

Anonymous said...

We all do it and we are 60+. Enter the cool world of grandparents to John and Elle.

Tina said...

Oh you two crack me up!

Vanessa said...


Tam said...

BwaHaHaHaHaHa! I soooo understand!