Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ohhh nooooo!!!!

Nothing like getting a call at 5:15AM from your daycare director with the news that your sick baby has been exposed to viral menengitis, but on the plus side, if he's feeling better, and we don't want to bring him in, we don't have to pay!

That's how we woke up Friday morning - to the sound of a funky phone ringer at 5:15 AM. We couldn't figure out what the noise was, and then it hit me like a two ton load of bricks that it was my phone, and only "special" phone numbers have identifiable rings. Our house seemed a mile long as I walked from the bedroom to the dining room where my phone was plugged in.

A stomach bug had been going around daycare but hadn't hit John's room - poor John was the first catch it, they called me at work Wednesday and said he wasn't feeling well. I picked him up early, and the minute we walked in the house, he threw up all over Bill. *Snort* Thank goodness he waited until he was out of my new car, LOL! We gave him Motrin, and he ended up eating a little dinner and playing, then conked out for the night. I checked him at midnight, and his fever was up again, so I got him up for more Motrin. Once again, he threw up all over Bill. Okay, I'm finding this part hilarious!

Bill stayed home with him on Thursday, and while he had a fever whenever Motrin wore and was lethargic, he seemed okay. I had already decided to keep him home Friday as a precaution anyway, but that call scared me to death.

We paid a visit to the doctor, and now for the next week we have to watch for signs of lethargy (not a problem today!), headache, light sensitivity, stiff/sore neck, and cold-like symptoms (when doesn't he have those). On the plus side, since he had been without a fever for over 24 hours, it was okay for him to get his flu shot, so I got that out of the way.


Vanessa said...

Wow what a scary way to wake up!! Hope your little man is feeling better soon!

Isen't it just great when dad has to wear the puke for a change?? LOL!

Telissa said...

it's ok...we ALL LOVE TO TALK!! Great stories, always. Best wishes and see you around the forum. take care.