Sunday, September 21, 2008

Normalcy and the Ugly Chairs

Things are returning to normal around here. Both John and little dog (LD) have handled things much better than I hoped. LD is loving all the extra attention that's been lavished upon him (not that he ever let himself be neglected in the first place), and while I thought John hadn't really noticed anything, I took LD to the groomer yesterday, and John got upset. LD was back by the time John went down for his nap, but the minute John was up from his nap, he had to check on LD and make sure he was still here.

We went out last weekend to get some nightstands for our bedroom and a dresser for the guestroom. The place we shopped has decent used furniture in their basement, so we went down there to check out dressers. While the sales guy was trying to show us what they had, I saw something that had me ROTFLMAO - lime green furry chairs. They were the ugliest things I've ever seen, and to top it off, in great condition. Everytime I looked at them, I started laughing all over again. The sales guy tried to sell them to us for $80. No thanks.

It got time to make a deal, and I told the sales guy to throw in the chairs if he wanted the sale. My bad - he did! Now what does every ugly pink living room need? Lime green furry chairs! Now all I need is one of those old style barrell tables as an accent piece. Actually, once John is old enough to use the basement as his playroom (a.k.a. when I can afford to refinish/furnish the pink room into a real living room) it will great to have furniture that he and his friends can play on that I don't have to worry about them ruining. Let's hear it for lime green furry chairs!

John's already getting comfy.........Actually, he wouldn't smile because daddy promised him he could go out on his car. Go speed racer, go!

John & his good friend LD.

Finally, a smile!


Anonymous said...

Call me crazy , but I like the chairs. I see a reupholstry project in my future. (aftr I take a class of course.)

Baby John's Crib said...

They are just your speed - made in NC! Just wait until you see your dresser.....Bill's mad because it's nicer than the new ones we bought for our room. At least it will be after I swap out the handles. I'll put up a picture after I clean it and put in shelf paper. You can only reupholster the chairs if you do them in in striped lime-green - or zebra lime green. My free chairs must remain green.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I LOVE the chairs! Call me crazy but you might be able to make them work with some throw pillows.

Ashley said...

Those chairs are great! I need to find some used antique-looking chairs for my portraits :)