Sunday, August 10, 2008

John's Birthday and the move, part II

Here's a play by play of the week in review - backwards. 8-8-08, we closed on the old house! No more paying double bills, yeah! Wednesday & Thursday, we tried moving the rest of the stuff left over by the movers; we ended up renting a U-haul because there was so much crap left after the they left. Tuesday, the so called "movers" were there. Don't get me started on that fiasco - this post is actually about John. Monday - another Comcast fiasco, which I won't go into because this post is actually supposed to be about John. Sunday - through Friday, 8-1-08 - JOHN'S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! COMPLETE WITH FAMILY!!! We'll actually start at the beginning of that.

8-1 was John's second birthday, so Grandma & Grandpa, as well as Uncle Darryl & cousin Elle flew in from NC (Aunt Mere was in Uganda) to celebrate. John stayed up late for a pizza party and cake. Mommy forgot to serve the ice cream, but I don't think anyone missed it at that point anyway. I know, it doesn't look like a birthday cake, but he liked it anyway. Like an idiot, I forgot to put a bib on it before I let him eat pizza, and as you can see, he's wearing quite a bit of it.

Here's John and his cousin, they don't get to see each other enough - it's been over a year. The last time they saw one another, John wasn't even walking, and hadn't had his first haircut yet.

Grandma & Grandpa sent John a basketball net. It's been a great source of entertainment for him this past week. John's holding his favorite toy, a bear named "Baby".

Opening his gift from cousin, a wiggle car! Way too much fun, he's been zipping around the house on it all week.

John's first trip to McDonald's. Hopefully his last. How I'm going to keep him from Taco Bell, though, is going to be a challenge.

We also took the kids to the park, and John discovered the "big slide".

I get by with a little help from my friend...................


Anonymous said...

I guess it pays to have a good camera. You got the best pictures!

Tam said...

Awww....happy (belated) birthday, cutie!