Monday, August 18, 2008

2 year doctor visit, momentous occasion & more!

John's two year well child visit went well. At 2 years and 18 days, he's now 34" and 25 lbs 4 oz., with a head circumference of 17.5". His height surprised me as he finally made it out of the 25th percentile, although his doctor told me not to expect it to last due to his genetics. He's doing wonderfully everywhere else and showing no signs of autistic behavior. I was gone for 4 days last week, and it seems like his language exploded while I was gone. He learned "I" as in "I did it!", "mine", no has suddenly become a sing-song "no, no, no". He's been talking up a storm for a while, although he's usually shy around other people.

I bought a potty chair a couple of weeks ago, and had it sitting in the family room for play. John's been making potty announcements recently so I thought we'd start to give it a try and see what happened. Yesterday, John watched a Blue's Clues short about potty time, and then pointed at his potty and said "potty", he obviously recognized what was going on in the cartoon, and what the potty was for. I tried to sit him on his potty, and he screamed. Okay - no go. I tried again before his bath as his diaper was dry. He screamed again. After his bath, he pointed as his potty. I asked if wanted to try to sit on his potty again, and he said yes. He tried to sit on the potty once or twice, then ran around the bedroom naked (I moved the potty, obviously). After about 5 minutes of running around, and me anouncing it was time to put on a diaper, he sat down..................AND PEE-PEED ON THE POTTY!!!! Of course, Daddy heard the commotion, and decided to walk in mid-stream, which scared John and made him stop, stand up and cry, arrggghhh! Anyway, we recovered from the trauma and made a huge to-do about what a big boy John was and how proud we were. John wanted to try again, but Bill had already got him dressed, so I told him first thing in the morning he could try.
What the?

He gets that look from Bill, not me. He saw a goat.

Meet Freckles, a perfectly nice pony. We tried to take John on a pony ride yesterday. Operative word...tried.

John apparently doesn't think much of pony's up close and personal. Ride? No can do.

Mr. Animal lover wouldn't so much as pet the poor creature. I guess we'll try again next year. Perhaps the fact that we all left the house in pants and dark clothing on a close to 90 degree day had something to do with his mood. Next time I'll check the weather channel.

Looking for things to do on a windy day? I think we've found our village idiot! It was a lot bigger before I ran to get my camera to document the blaze. Now, if I only had a real zoom lens. I guess I should have used my video camera. Maybe I could have figured out what they were burning.

For anyone who cares, I passed my class in St. Louis and now have a wonderful insurance designation. This comes just days after being almost accosted in my own backyard. I was grilling some awesome fillets, and this creature obviously was enticed by they aroma and/or the warmth of my home. I called for help from my knight in shining armor, and he had the nerve to LAUGH at me. I then called upon (wo)man's best friend for assitance, and that dasterdly beast was too enthralled by the aroma of said filets that he too ignored my plea for assistance. I was left to fend for myself against THIS:

(Can you tell I've been reading a romance novel this past week????)


Tam said...

YAY, John!!!! Way to go!!!

LOL at the scary creature.

Anonymous said...

You certainly weren't thinking he was autistic? You must be on drugs!