Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It was bound to happen - my first dumb comment!

I've been extremely lucky, people have been extremely supportive of John's adoption. I've been blessed to encounter no negativity, no idiocy, nothing. Zip, nada, nothing. Until today. At least it's kinda humorous, more so that I actually had an equally stupid retort, and bit my tounge. Typically, I'm one of those people that thinks of the perfect thing to say 10 minutes after I need to say it.

I'm in the cafeteria, and a nice, well-meaning former co-worker asks about John - Oh, how old is he? Two, next Friday. Co-worker - wow, time flies! Is he talking? Oh, yeah, up a storm. Co-worker - that's great, how long has he been home? 17 months (thinking to self, oh yeah, exactly 17 months and 1 day TODAY). Co - worker: I'm just curious, does he have an accent?

Okay, my immediate reaction is: ..........Actually, due to my husband's undying love of all things Spongebob, he's starting to sound a bit like Patrick.......But, no, I bit my tounge and said, no, he came home at 4.5 months, he really didn't pick up any Spanish.
I went upstairs and immediately called Bill, who wanted to know what she expected? John to be running around like Speedy Gonzalez saying (and since I don't know much Spanish, nor how to get the tilde (or even if that is the right accent mark?) on the "r" I'm going to hack the spelling) "Undule' Undule' Areba Areba."
I truly hope that John learns to speak Spanish fluently someday. I'd also like to become fluent.
In the meantime, here's our little studmuffin.

For a long time, I couldn't figure out where all the fawns came from, but here's a couple of bucks to answer my question...........

Conjoined twins. A very rare occurance in this household, especially since we moved, and medium dog has become extremely territorial over the family room, and growls anytime small dog gets near it. She wasn't like that at the other house, but then again, their feeding dishes were on two seperate floors, and here, they are on the same floor, in two seperate rooms - hers are in the family room since her arthritis is preventing her from walking on anthing that isn't carpeted.


Leslie said...

Your son is sooo cute!!!! OMg i could write a book on some of the things people have asked me about my daughter!!!! LOL

Tam said...

Yeah...I've gotten the whole "does he speak English?" thing a few times. A lady at work asked him if he wanted agua one day and then she said, "it's the only word I know in Spanish". I couldn't resist and said, "well, that's more than he knows." These people KNOW how young he came home. why are people so stupid?

Kelly said...

People are sooooooo stooopid (LOL). My DH grandma asked us "How are you going to understand the baby, being that she will speak Spanish." Well being that the baby was 6 1/2 months old we 're not too worried about it. OMG!!!!!