Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sorta news and a woman obsessed...

Well, first things first. The old house officially went on the market today, and we had our first showing. I pray it sells quickly, but the market here is tough and there is a lot of competition. I feel the house is underpriced priced fairly considering the market conditions - although it's priced at the exact same price as when I bought it 10 years ago, which sucks. Bill tries to console me with the fact that we saved far more off the purchase of our new home, but it's still hard to take. I just hope to sell it in a reasonable time frame and not have to give up my infra-red sauna in the deal. The sauna is still there as 90% of our furniture is still there. I'm too cheap to pay movers twice.

On a more positive note, I am now a woman obsessed. Obsessed with deer! Honestly, I never knew the place we now live had them, much less has a problem with them as they have only a random coyote pack as predators (boy, am I glad we decided against the electric dog fence!) We also have black squirrels here, and I didn't know they existed in this neck of the woods. 300 miles north of here, yes, but not here. I've yet to see a chipmunk, though.

My neighbor hates the deer and told me I will grow to hate them, too. I guess they like to eat the vegetation. I have little more than weeds, so they are free to eat what they want at my place. I might feel differently once we landscape, but that probably won't happen until we win the lottery anyway.

The view from my porch - there was another one off to the right.

The view from my yard into the neighbors (the one who doesn't like the deer).

I've decided to rename medium and little dog........tweedledee & treedledum. The names are interchangable depending on who was acting stupid. Little dog made this deer bolt, so he was tweedledum for the evening.

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Tam said...

That is so cool! I'd love to live in an area like that.