Sunday, April 13, 2008

10 facts about John

Sorry, this is going to be a quick post as it's subject is sick (again). Tam tagged me (sorry, no time to figure out how to link to her blog at the moment....) so I'll interpret John's answers to the question......

1. I'm a picky eater. Some days I like certain foods, the next I don't. My one exception? Chocolate. I'll eat it even when I'm sick, like today.

2. I love the Wiggles, despite never having actually seen them. I have Wiggles toys, and I make mommy & daddy play a Wiggles CD over and over. Like how I said make? All I have to do is scream, and they cave. *snort*

3. I'm fascinated any time I see an animal on TV. Cat's are especially cool.

4. I like being with mom & dad so much that on the weekends, I only nap for an hour. At school, I typically nap for more than two.

5. I like to color, but don't limit me to one crayon or I'll scream.

6. Music is for dancing, and man do I boogie!

7. I do the chicken dance to a singing Elmo doll, flapping my arms and everything.

8. Every night, I go to sleep to new age music. I know it's time for nite-nite when that comes on.

9. I hate having my teeth brushed, and I resuse to even attempt it myself.

10. I have a pair of pants with Elmo on the pocket. I point repeatedly and say Elmo to whoever will listen.

Back to my mom............I'm not sure what's up with John, he woke up with a fever Saturday, and it keeps coming back even though we're alternating Motrin & Tylenol every 4 hours like his doctor told us to do. Surprisingly, he's acting fine, and eating and drinking, so I hope it's nothing serious. I guess he's in for a doctor visit tomorrow.

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Tam said...

Oh, the poor baby! I sure hope he shakes it soon. Make sure you post an update on what the doctor says.