Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alright, explain this to me.....


Please advise why bloggers keep going private...........with no warning. What am I missing here?

Yes, I agree that everyone has a right to privacy. Absolutely. But what is up with this? Why have a public blog for so long just to go private so quickly? I follow lots of blogs (way too many), and I admit, I'm only a frequent commentor on a couple.

The thing is, and maybe I'm just being weird, is that after I've followed these journeys, prayed for these families again and again, I almost feel a bit "hurt" that I wasn't given an oppurtunity to introduce myself and ask permission to be included.

Obviously, viewing rights belong to the blog owner, and need to be respected, but I can't help wondering why some batten (sp?) down the hatches with no warning? Maybe it's because I haven't experienced bad things on my own blog; but I don't tend to reveal an excessive amount of personal info, or spew many inflammatory remarks (LOL, despite my intense dislike of the current president, ha ha ha ha). Who knows?

I guess I'll be a more frequent commentor on the blogs I love, and hope to garner an invite if they go private. As far as my own blog goes...........well, for what it's worth ($0.27?) it will stay public. If for some reason I need to "privatize", I will provide notice in advance so that anyone who wants to continue reading can do so.

Blogging gripe over.


Kelly said...

Just wanted to say I agree with your Gripe LOL

Ashley said...

Well.. I do this ALL the time! I also know that if I don't "know-know" someone then I won't invite them. That is because my adoption agency is run by a bunch of mentally unstable psychopaths and sometimes I get freaked out by hits on my stat counter that I immediately shut it down for a few hours or a few days.

Tam said...

Hmmm...the ones that have gone private that I read have given notice beforehand. I'm a bit surprised that someone wouldn't give notice. I wonder why...I wonder if someone freaked them out, or something.