Monday, December 31, 2007

House updates and best wishes for 2008!

Best wishes to all for a happy 2008! It seems 2007 just flew by, how did that happen? Not much happening here, John is doing well, and I think going a bit stir crazy being stuck with Bill & I for the past week while daycare was closed.
Not much new on the house front, except for the long awaited doors (they've been in since the first of the month, but bad weather prevented their installation 3 different times). I think the new light fixtures really go with the doors. Here's some pics:
Old front doors (they were apparently for looks only, since neither opened):
New (and they work!):

Old garage door (it was nailed shut by the realtor to prevent the old owners kids from breaking in):


Interior old:Interior new (ignore the labels hanging on the doors)Front of the house (it was much prettier when the grass was green and the skies blue):

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Tam said...

Love the new doors! Looks great!