Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Trip to the Apple Orchard

We took John to the apple orchard today. I had been looking forward to this since Bill & I went alone last year. While nice, it didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. Luckily, we'll have several more oppurtunities to go. For starters, you're not going to see any smiles from smiley boy. He was on strike. He had been having major melt-downs earlier in the day crying hysterically, all while putting his hands in his mouth and drooling, so he got a dose of Advil. The crying stopped, but smiley-boy didn't put in an appearance until we got back home. The second problem? Take a close look at the picture, and tell me what it is.Can you tell? I'll give you a clue. We're in Michigan. It's October. Typically, it's 50-60 degrees when we go to the orchard. Do you see the shorts? That's because it was 88 degrees! Now I love hot weather, but going to the orchard in the heat is about as appealing to me as putting cream cheese in anything (which, by the way, I'll have more rants about finding it in more inappropriate places at a later date).

I love this kid's profile! I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the pumpkins.

Looking sad. I'm not sure why, probably because I had him dressed in a black shirt and sweatpants on a ridiculously hot day.

Still looking leary.

Not only would he not smile, he refused to look at the camera. Everytime I got in his face, he'd look away.
The closest thing we saw to a smile the whole time we were there.
In the first shot, we're waiting for Bill to get donuts. He looks a little shell-shocked. In the second picture, he's enjoying a donut. I know -I'm a bad mom for giving him that, but I couldn't resist. He liked it.
Saying hello to a ram who ran to the fence as soon as he saw John. I suspect he smelled donut, and saw a soft touch.
If you had asked me how big ostriches were, I would have guessed about the size of a turkey. I would have been wrong. Just laying on the ground, it's body & head were at least 4 or 5' tall.

Since I have deprived you of smiley-boy, I thought I'd share these that I took at the park the other day. We've been going to the park almost daily since until today, it's been pleasant outside. I love the shadow over half his face in this shot. Sorry about the dirty shirt - he came home that way from daycare after painting, and I wasn't about to put a clean shirt on him to go to the park.

There it is!


Tam said...

Smiling, or not, he's a gorgeous kid! I want to say that I'm sorry it was so hot, but, dang, that sounds so WRONG coming out of my mouth. I hate the cold so much....

Kristen and the Gang said...

I love the new pics of John and I love the fall!!! We did our pumpkin/apple picking last weekend and had a ball! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

Our Ohana said...

I agree that the warm weather is NOT condusive to apple picking. I love the pics of John with the pumpkins. Smiling or not that is one HANDSOME boy!!!!


Katie said...

Love his smile !!!!