Sunday, September 30, 2007

My boy - pre-destined to become a plumber...or rapper!

Baby got no back! Poor John is so skinny that all his pants droop and sag. I swear I feed him, and he eats, but he stays skinny, which might not be a bad thing since most of his pants would be too short if they fit properly in the waist. He'll be 14 months tomorrow, and he's still riding backwards in the car seat as he's not quite 20 lbs yet. I wish I had his metabolism!

Here is daddy's little helper trying to assist with taking down the window treatments:

And mommy's angel getting room measurements - he says the pink walls and carpet have got to go!

And taking a break after hard labor:

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Kristen and the Gang said...

John is just too funny! What ever he chooses to do, plumber or rapper, he will definitely be the cutest and funniest one in that field!