Saturday, October 13, 2007

New pics, tomorrow, I promise!

Garage sale done, net $212. We're getting closer to that video camera!

I need advice - please feel free to call, e-mail, or place a comment.

Does anyone have a kid that does not eat? I'm getting really worried about John's appetite; while he seems to have energy to spare, the kid barely eats. This has been going on for weeks. I offer him a lot of healthy food, but he takes a bite or two, and starts crying and/or dropping food on the floor. I can't let the dogs in when he eats because he takes great delight in feeding them, which, while not good, has led to both dogs really feeling the love where John is concerned.

The few times junk food has been offered (see donut pic below), he gobbles it up. Don't get me started on the toddler cheetos.......Once this last can is emptied, we will never buy them again. While John eats very little else, he goes nuts over these. Great.


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Kristen and the Gang said...

Well....i believe usually kids will eat when they are hungry! My 3 sons went through this often and they would eat like little piggies some days and nothing other days. Of course...even kids like "junk", who doesn't! I would keep offering him the good stuff, keep away from the junk and if it keeps up mention it to the md. You can also try "pediasure". See if he will drink that once a day, it is loaded with good stuff.