Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feeling a little bummed.

>..I'm not sure if other parents feel this, or if I'm just being stupid.

A couple of months ago, I gave my mom some of John's outgrown clothing to sell on eBay, because I don't have time anymore. I find myself mourning the loss of his clothing! I'm not a sentimental person, but everytime I look at a picture of my son in some outfit that he wore on his homecoming trip, huge at the time, and think of when he last wore it, in some cases being curled back into fetal position because it was so small (dumb mommy needed to see it on him just one more time......) I want to cry. I waited almost 40 years for this baby, and he's quickly disappearing on me. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving toddler time, especially that he's finally learned to sleep 12 hours, despite taking minimal naps, but I find myself missing the helpless baby who never slept a lot more than I thought possible. What the hell is wrong with me!

On a better front, mom & dad were in town for several days, and helped us immensely with the new house. All outdoor lights have been replaced, and most of the first floor lights. I won't be selecting lights for the new kitchen/dining/short hall until it's done, and I can make them all match.

As of today, I can officially declare that the new house no longer smells bad when you walk in, yippee! I can't say as much for the garage as that is where all of the skanky carpet and the 2nd floor window treatments currently reside, but that is only until we get out all of the old window treatments in preperation for the new windows. Then we'll call a cartage company, and have them pretty much empty out the garage, and take the old refrig/freezer from the basement. We hoped to salvage that, but the door pins are no where to be found (and I'm not thrilled about having to clean it......).

The back porch still smells, despite having 90% of the floor tiles ripped out, the carpet long gone, windows washed (poorly - I streaked them worse than ever), nasty blinds banished to the garbage pit in the garage, and TSP'ing the nicotene stained ceiling (and smearing...). I'll be happy when I figure this out and eradicate the smell. At least once we move in, and the smell is due to my own furry, mud-pawed creatures, I'll be able to deal with it better (okay, my own critters are house-broken, bathed/brushed regularily, and generally just pleasant to be around).

I was remiss with getting pictures, but did manage a pic of John and his grandpa in the old kitchen (nice wallpaper!), and a clear shot of the house (finally), although it is before the new lights were installed, but after the chimney and foundation issues were addressed.
Granpa & John in the soon to be remodeled kitchen.
Clear house pic, finally! Chimney is fixed, as well as the foundation issue.
Foundation problem 90% fixed! That was easy & cheap.
On the house front, new front entry doors are on order, they are fiberglass with leaded glass, stained to look like wood. Double doors for the front with glass ovals, and a panel door with a top window for the garage. New windows will be installed 10-3 (except for the garage and sun porch - bummer), and the new furnace/AC put in the week of the 8th. We are still finalizing the new kitchen, but once that's in, we will move! We will still have a lot of interior work ahead of us (the pink room will eventually be anything but), but it seems that all is looking well!

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