Monday, August 27, 2007

Now, what on earth would possess anyone to do this to innocent plaster walls? To make matters worse, it's not strippable. Thank goodness for Google, I've now educated myself in it's removal. It makes me dizzy.

The long, dark hallway.

Well, it's still long! We didn't have a step ladder, so there are still some remnants high up, but not for long. Actually, it will also be 3' shorter once the kitchen re-mod is complete. Dad, take a look at the ceiling, and guess what you'll be doing next time you visit? I have no idea why this house had all of it's light fixtures removed.....except for the outdoor lights in the upstairs bathroom. I'll have to post a picture of those sometime.

Mmm, mmm, smells good! Seriously, it's mold. It's on my carpet. It wasn't there a month ago, before the water was turned on. I can only guess it came from the leaky water spicket, which will no longer be leaky as of tomorrow. Right now, there's an attractive piece of gutter underneath it routing the water away from the house.

Look what Spic & Span did! That was my mold - no, they didn't put the bleach on the carpet, apparently the prior owner did. No biggie, as we're only trying to avoid re-doing the basement carpet for a couple of years until we get the exterior foundation issues fixed, and we know there's no more moisture. They cleaned the FILTHY carpet, and treated everything with mildewcide. They also put in an ozone machine to get rid of any lingering odors - YIPPEE!!!

This is a before of the basement - the finished area is about 1500 SF. By the time he's old enough, I think it will be an awesome place for John & his friends to hang out.

More basement (before cleaning). Spic & Span told us that the walls are insulated, but that they can drill tiny holes into the one area that shows moisture, and spray mildewcide, which should eliminate any remaining musty basement smell. There is a small foundation issue right above the damp area, and we will have it fixed in the next couple of weeks, so we hopefully should be in the clear as far as basement moisture issues soon.

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