Friday, October 24, 2008

Bye Bye Paci

Well, that was tough, but not as bad as I thought. We'll see how many times he wakes up tonight crying. I kept John up an extra hour, so he was really tired. We hung the paci pumpkin on the front door, and we told him that the great paci pumpkin would take the paci's and give them to poor babies in Guatemala, but would leave him a present (I got this idea from an episode of the Nanny).

John screamed and cried for about 5 minutes, then took his family portrait book and looked at pictures of Grandma & Grandpa - good thing they arrive in just 5 days!

Now what exactly is a paci pumpkin? When we moved our clutter from one house to the other, John's Halloween costume from last year and his small pumpkin got seperated, and somehow the pumpkin ended up in our kitchen. Being the procrastinator I am, it just never found a home, and we started storing his pacifiers in it for lack of a better place. A couple of months ago when John turned two, we stopped letting him have a paci except at night and at naptime, so he got to the point that he'd either ask for the pumpkin for a paci, or spit out a paci into it when he woke up (thank goodness for dishwashers!)

I hope this goes as easily as giving up the bottle did. John was down to one bottle a day, and it was first thing in the morning. One day while Bill was gone, we woke up, only to find no clean bottles (I only kept 3 when we moved figuring we run the dishwasher often enough). I handed John a sippy cup figuring he would pitch a fit like he did everytime we offered him a choice between a cup and a bottle, and nothing happened. He hasn't had a bottle since.

Tomorrow is trick or treating in the business district. Hopefully the rain will hold off and I can get some good pictures of my little "monster".


Kelly said...

I think he'll get through this with flying colors!!!!!I cannot wait to see pics of your lil' monster!

Vanessa said...

Oh if that paci pumpkin goes well I just may have him invite his baba pumkin cousin over to pay a visit to Olivia!! Although she was at the hospital all day and didn't have one so tonight I may say we forgot it or something when she wants one for bed!

Anonymous said...

Good for John. He knew his grandma and grandpa would get there to help him through this.